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Terms and Conditions


The passenger is notified of these General Conditions, accepting them expressly, at the time of making the reservation.


To make a reservation, you must consult the availability of the program to be requested, to the executive in advance. Upon confirmation by the executive of this availability, the interested party must make the full payment of the ticket to the company providing the service. In case of face-to-face reservation, the customer will be given their service ticket, requested service itinerary, in a copy of the numbered voucher with passenger data, travel and general conditions of sale. 

In case of non-face-to-face reservation, these documents will be delivered digitally to the passenger's email. The passenger is responsible for carrying their identity documents, as well as those of their requested trip.

• Send request via e-mail with a minimum of 3 DAYS BEFORE any departure.


• Attach the technical sheet that will be provided to indicate information on each passenger.

• Reservations prior full payment of regular services 48 HOURS BEFORE

• Programs with accommodation reservations prior payment of 30% of the total services, the balance is paid 30 days before the start of the program.

Deposits / transfers / credit or debit card

Send a backup copy via email:


The values shown are per season and vary according to the type of service, changes in travel costs or currency exchange.


The fact of registering to participate in any program of these general conditions implies that nothing should be understood or imagined as included, if it is not detailed in the programs.


In the case of minors, the following discounts will be applied to the fixed rate:

• INF: from 0 to 4 years 11 months, they pay 50%.

• CHD: 5 to 11 years 11 months, pay 80%.

• ADT: From the age of 12, full payment.

These percentages apply only to services operated directly by Turismo Baguales. Excludes services LAGUNA SAN RAFAEL, TERMAS ENSENADA PEREZ, GLACIAR EXPLORADORES and/or any other external service that has special rates for children under 12 years of age.


Turismo Baguales reserves the right, whether for climatic, technical or operational reasons, to totally or partially alter the daily order and/or services that make up the tour, before or during its execution. Once the trip has started, the suspension, modification, or interruption of the services by the passenger for personal reasons of any kind, will not give rise to any claim, refund or return.


In case the trip is canceled for technical reasons (within the company), Turismo Baguales undertakes to communicate with the passengers at least 1 day before the trip and 100% of the canceled ticket will be returned to the account of the program payer, within 1 business day. In case of not being able to enter, navigate or visit the main attraction of the trip due to external factors, the ticket equivalent to the entrance, navigation or visit of the attraction in question will be returned.

The following criteria will apply:

1) In case of withdrawal of credit operations, the amounts paid for administrative expenses will not be reimbursed, plus the expenses charged by the service operator, in the corresponding cases. In the case of a withdrawal that affects services already contracted by Turismo Baguales, the reimbursement of the same will be subject to the contractual conditions under which the respective companies provide their services.

2) Any cancellation and/or modification of itineraries are subject to the conditions of the providers of said services, ie hotels, restaurants or others, since the agency acts only as an intermediary, being the service provider the one that sets the parameters , inherent costs, fines and terms of application for such eventualities.

Being Turismo Baguales an intermediary company in the expeditions to Laguna San Rafael, Termas Ensenada Pérez and Glaciar Exploradores, cancellations and/or refunds will be subject to the regulations established by the company that operates said services.


For refunds requested by the passenger for personal reasons, a fixed administrative fee of 5% of the total will be charged, for all means of payment (non-refundable percentage). The passenger must give notice that they will not be able to make the trip at least 12 hours before making the trip. The form of returns are as follows:

- For payment through transbank (Redcompra-Credit) 70% of the total amount paid will be returned to the same account of the payer after 48 business hours.

- For payments in cash, transfers, checks or deposits, 80% of the total amount paid will be returned to the payer's account, within 24 business hours.


If the passenger requests the refund on the same day of the program or does not show up at the times indicated in the itinerary, any type of refund requested by the payer will be automatically void.

Note: to make this refund valid, the passenger must request the refund with the travel service ticket delivered by the executive, without the service ticket, VAT will be deducted at the corresponding percentages.


Considering that the excursions take place in the middle of the "Patagonian Andes" mountain range, with an unpredictable climate, all services will be subject in their execution to the climatic conditions that arise.

In this sense, Turismo Baguales reserves the right to modify or cancel a scheduled departure. Only in the case of cancellation for this reason in the regular tour, will return the totality of the contracted services, after the corresponding deductions. The services voluntarily not used by the passenger are non-refundable.

Once the respective tour has started, no refund will be made except for tickets, navigation or visits to the main attraction of the trip that, due to external factors, cannot be carried out in accordance.



Turismo Baguales is not responsible for damages, losses, theft or loss of suitcases that passengers may suffer in their goods, or injuries, whatever the cause that originates them. The company acts as an intermediary between the transportation companies, hotels, etc., being its responsibility covered with the mentioned owners of the services. The ticket issued by the transport companies constitutes the only contract between them and the passengers.

Likewise, Turismo Baguales is not responsible for any expenses arising as a result of flight delays or cancellations, weather conditions or whatever the cause that originates them beyond the control of the company.

Contracting personal insurance is the sole responsibility of the passenger.


The company prohibits the consumption of alcohol on tours, when alcohol is not part of the services offered on the tour. If any passenger puts the physical and psychological integrity of the other passengers at risk, the service provider is able to require them to leave the excursion.

In the event that some components of a group, due to their behavior and at the guide's discretion, behave in an inappropriate manner and with obvious annoyance for the rest of the group's components, the service provider is qualified to require them to leave the excursion. Customers who voluntarily desist from using any service included in the program will not have the right to demand a refund for the services they voluntarily stopped taking.


All passengers, without exception, are responsible for carrying their personal and family documentation corresponding to the day, as well as visas, authorizations, health passport and necessary requirements if required.


1) Mandatory passenger and driver use of a mask.

2) Use of gel alcohol when boarding the bus applied to each passenger.

3) Take temperature of each passenger.

4) Bus sanitization after each service.

5) Capacity to operate is 50% of its total capacity.




Culture for the care of our beautiful Patagonia, not throwing garbage in parks, highways, boats, etc., as well as cigarette butts.


Activities not recommended for people with recent injuries or operations and pregnant women over 08 months (according to medical prescription).

Travelers with any medical condition inform the guide on duty.


*Note: It is very important to inform passengers that excursions are subject to weather conditions, due to our geographical location in the middle of the "Patagonian Andes" mountain range, weather conditions are unpredictable, therefore it is important that the client is informed, for any eventuality, said excursions will be compensated with other activities according to the place where we are.


Baguales Tourism Team.

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